Sermindes - Coveted Simplicity

Coveted Simplicity

Interior design of an apartment located in the residential complex '' Ambasador Residence ''. An elegant complex, full of style and personality, with direct access to Dendrarium Park. Simplicity means comfort. Thus, for the design of this 54 m.p. we opted for the minimalist style with neoclassical elements that will always be in trend, being one of the most stable styles, which combines comfort, order, space, shape and functionality. Dark accents or added to emphasize certain areas of the room. Adding the graphite accent wall, decorated with floral ornaments, in the living room combined with the kitchen, we separated the kitchen area from the rest area. And, in the bedroom I separated the sleeping area from the dressing area, but being in the same space. The dominant colors in the house, gray and graphite-black, contrast harmoniously with the chevron type parquet in walnut wood. The vivid accent color is the blue diplomat fabric and the bar stools at the counter that hide the living room kitchen. Minimalist interiors are full of light and space and love raw, simple materials. Therefore, I left the windows without large curtains. location Republic of Moldova, city of Chisinau, year 2020.