Sermindes - DAILYCONT Eminescu Offices

DAILYCONT Eminescu Offices

The first offices date back to the time of the Roman Empire. They were designed to allow people to handle administrative tasks. Since then, interior design for office spaces has evolved continuously.

In this contemporary-style project, inspired by the brand's visual identity manual and the company's core business, the new trends in interior design for office spaces were respected, combining design and functionality, resulting in spaces, at the same time functional and attractive to employees.

The office space of 100 m.p., in the Eminescu Offices complex located in the center of Chisinau, has been compartmentalized so that the employees have everything they need and at the same time highlight the representative colors of the company.

The reception area surprises with the natural elements integrated in the design and at the same time with the perfect correspondence between colors, materials and textures.

The employees offices and the lounge-waiting area equipped with suitable furniture are open space type.

The conference room is delimited by soundproof secured glass walls, and the kitchen by furniture.