Sermindes - Seamless Connection

Seamless Connection

In a materialistic era, in which interior design is defined by unlimited variation and options, this project asserts itself through a simple design and retained in a minimalist style.

The open-space kitchen opening onto the hall and living room is the largest and most important space in the house. This space is the place that brings everyone together to spend time together and prepare meals. Thus, all domestic and entertainment activities were grouped in the same part of the house.

The ideal structure of the wood from which the furniture of the whole house is made, which seems to be one-piece, with clear and sharp lines, characterized by the use of intelligent ideas for the rational storage of things, creates a pleasant and refined appearance.

Women's pendant-like pendant lights placed above the dining table add emphasis to the interior. The neutral and natural color palette of the interior space connected to the exterior space and the terrace, through transparent glass doors and large windows, with panoramic views, gives the house a simple and relaxed look.

Interior design of a house in Chisinau with an area of ​​163 m.p.