Sermindes - Star Wars amateur

Star Wars amateur

Locality: Moldova, Chisinau. Type: apartment; Area: 82 sqm. Planning: kitchen combined with living and dining room, two bathrooms, one bedroom. Style: minimalism-contemporary with hi-tech elements.

The owner of this apartment is a big fan of the famous Star Wars series. This means that we have tried to reflect as much as possible the atmosphere of this cinema.

Fans of the movie, without effort, will find a lot of associations in the design of the apartment with what is presented in Star Wars.
To separate the hall from the living area, we installed an organic glass partition with a matt surface. The partition is illuminated Led, with a specific ornament. This was done to create an association with a fragment of the Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker fight. Also, the choice of colors, namely the gray color of the corridor, separates
visual-psychological of the bright colors of the room, influencing the division of the living room on the hall.

Hi tech style elements inside - this means the dominance of modern technology everywhere. Thus, in the living room there is a modular sofa from Egoitaliano, Vegane model. Which is equipped with an electric mechanism, with which the headrest of the sofa rests, and extends for the legs, taking the low position, thus creating comfort and
relaxation. One of the walls in the salon and in the hospitality area is mirrored. Using this technique in design, we expand and expand the space.

The kitchen area combines white with a contrasting gray. The work area of ​​the kitchen is separated from the dining area by a bar counter, next to which are symbolically installed 2 plastic chairs (calligaris company, skin model). One of them is black - he associates Dark Side - Darth Vader, and the other - white - like his soldiers.
As an element of the decorative shelf, an imitation of the Death Star - a space station and super-weapon, from the Star Wars universe - is recreated. It is made of MDF material and illuminated by Led.
Lighting plays a huge role in this interior. We used both hidden LED lighting installed around the perimeter of the room on the ceiling, as well as point lighting as an element of hi tech solutions.

In the bathroom, we also managed to recreate the association with the favorite series. The mirror was selected as a hexagon in association with a faceted cybernetic crystal - the Tarkin Initiative logo.
The hexagons are also present on the walls, on plates from the Polish factory Tubadzin. I kept the color matte gray.
An unusual solution is the wall that separates the bathroom from the bedroom. The wall is made of glass. Designed in such a way that the bathroom is visible from the bedroom. The glass partition keeps the moisture perfectly. The glass looks light and modern, does not overload the interior. It is a functional and interesting solution.

The contemporary style inside is quite a modern idea. This solution, in combination with the elements of minimalism, is a brilliant modeling of the space. Where color, lighting and a small number of necessary functional elements and accessories play a role.
The large windows in the apartment are devoid of any kind of curtains. It adds modernity and fits perfectly with the interior style.
In general, we have created a harmonious balance with a restrained (discrete), neutral and symbolic interior.