Interior Design

SERMINDES is a projection and design office, which team of professionals has the ability to realize the most daring and innovative ideas in the matter of interior design, according to the most demanding requirements and preferences of the beneficiaries.
During more than 14 years of activity, SERMINDES has developed numerous unique projects both in the Republic of Moldova and abroad, all of these projects being under the strict supervision of the team of experts.
Each new interior or exterior design project represents a complex, dynamic and meticulous composition that combines with success all the indispensable elements, from the color and texture of the wall to the accessories and decorations.
The fundamental objective of our portfolio, with various interior projects, is to offer to the potential beneficiaries the opportunity to see the real projects that have been successfully created and executed by our team. Each project contains a detailed photographic report of all the premises of the apartments and houses for which the actual works were carried out. The main focus is on creating an integral, unique image, obtained by applying innovative technologies in combination with global fashion trends in the field of design solutions for a comfortable, aesthetic, practical and functional design.
Using the services of our studio means entrusting Your project to skilled specialists, who will anticipate Your wishes and needs, realizing them to the smallest details.
Although at first glance it may seem that there is nothing complicated in such an activity, this implies, in fact, technical knowledge, special skills and vast experience. And the services of reliable professionals will ensure You an exceptional end result, as well as a considerable saving of resources, time and nerves.
Given the fact that the designer profession appeared separately only at the beginning of the last century and that we live in a period when everything is evolving more and more rapidly, which implies the need to keep up with the new concepts, techniques and trends, interior designers' portfolios must include fresh, aesthetic, functional, but also unusual solutions.
SERMINDES studio has a wide range of projects, providing quality services not only to the clients, resident in Chisinau, but also to those located anywhere in the world.
SERMINDES has a strong portfolio, with a diverse range of interior and exterior design projects, including apartments, houses, villas, coffee shops, bagel shops, restaurants, bars, lounges, showrooms, offices, banks, hotels, landfills, territorial arrangements, facades and many others.

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